History of Gutmann & Gutmann N.Y. 

The Gutmann and Gutmann N.Y. art publishing company was founded in 1902 by Hellmuth and Bernhard Gutmann, and sold in 1948. The company was located in New York City for the American market, but they also had international sales representatives.

Bernard Gutmann was an artist as well as a partner in the company. Bernhard Gutmann died in 1936.

Hellmuth Gutmann married one of their inhouse artists: Miss Bessie Pease Collins who is well-known as Bessie Pease Gutmann. Eda Soest Doench and Meta Morris Grimball also worked for the Gutmann brothers. These three women produced more than 1500 artworks for Gutmann & Gutmann. In addition to their inhouse art talent, Gutmann & Gutmann bought licenses from popular artists of the time.

Partial List of Gutmann Artists

Doench - Eda Soest Doench 1865-1963, United States NYC
Grimball - Meta Morris Grimball 1878-1968, United States
Gutmann - Bernhard Gutmann 1869-1936, United States
Gutmann - Bessie Pease Gutmann 1876-1960, United States
Kenyon - Zula Kenyon 1873-1947, United States
Muller - Annie Benson Muller 1879--?, United States
Sandberg - Valentine Sandberg 1881-?, Sweden and United States
Wireman - Henry Wireman